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Invite Medbot

Various tools to help in channels' moderation.

  • /clear amount : Clean up the last amount messages in the current channel. If there is no amount given, it will clean 10 messages instead
  • Channel to clean

    Set up a channel to clean each day at a specific time.

  • /addctc timezone hour minute : Set or update the time the current channel is cleaned to hour:minute.
  • /delctc : Delete the clean up process for the current channel
  • Weekly calendar

    Set up a channel to show a weekly calendar at a specific time.

  • /addwc timezone hour minute day : Set or update the date the current channel shows a weekly calendar to appear each day at hour:minute.
  • /delwc : Delete the weekly calendar for the current channel
  • Poll

    Create a poll in a channel.

  • /poll title content reactions : Send a poll in the current channel with title title and content content. You can choose which reactions are used.
  • Bot information

    Get various information about Medbot.

  • /ping : Show Medbot ping
  • /version : Show Medbot version